5 Things That Make Me Smile!

So, it's been a rough day so far...let me explain:

Woke up to several calls, emails & texts from Bank of America stating that there are unusual charges on my Desiree Dawn Events account. No bueno.
Come to find out someone has stolen my wallet which has all of my cards in it plus my oh-so-awesome gift cards to Sephora, Anthropology, Macy's...etc. I was saving them for a...haha..rainy day.

As I am writing this it has started to downpour. Thanks, big man upstairs - your humor is one reason I'm writing this post today!

SO...it's been a rough day so far, as you can see, and because of that fact I have decided to list somethings that make me smile - no matter what. Fake it til you make it, right?

5. I love my chocolate lab, Gator. His energy is infectious and the crinkle on his nose makes me smile every time I see it.
4. I love my 16th ranked Florida Gators! Can't wait to see how we climb after an SEC win this weekend...even if it is over the non-ranked Tennessee Vols! I just love me some good SEC football!
3. I love my family - all us Lemley Girls...we're all really funny and outgoing, caring and understanding, and we know how to have a helluva good time, especially at a country concert tailgate!
2. Lighting a Midsummer's Night candle is one of the most instantaneous things that puts a calm smile back on my face - in fact - I'm lighting mine, right now! mmmm

1. Eric. Today, I love him for many reasons and I can understand why people wish you, "...that years from now you will look back on this day, your wedding day, as the day you loved each other the least." He makes me smile when he tells me I can start Happy Hour at 1 in the afternoon because I'm having a rough day. He makes me smile because he is the funniest guy I know, so funny that his nickname is The Joker. And I love how he can make me smile and not worry about the rest of the world, just with a hug from that tall drink of water. Thanks for being the best husband for me, Bubba.

SO! Here's to you jerky-jerk person who stole my wallet: I believe in Karma and you will get yours - it's already begun because you've wasted my hard earned money at WalMart - jokes on you. Thanks for stealing my money and part of my values. You can empty my account but you can't empty my spirit!

Thundercats are GO!

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