A rather productive day!

Feeling pretty great about 2011 after a day like today!

During my previous hair appointment at Pyure Salon in Boynton Beach with Nicole, I decided to try a new stylist. Not because I don't love Britney at the Wellington location (I adore her and missed her) but because it is very hard to save the money and do 2 separate appointments at the 2 salon locations...and I needed highlights more than a trim. So, Nicole suggested Jessica, who happened to be the sister of Chelsey Boatwright . My conversation with Jessica began standard, per usual when you meet a new hair-dresser and she's meeting a new client.

J: "What's your daily hair routine?"
D: "I blow it dry or curl it with a curling iron"
J: "What products do you use?"
D: "Aveda and Aussie products bc they don't test on animals". :) etc. etc.

Then things got a little deeper...

J: "I am from Tallahassee"
D: "I went to school in Gainesville. Can we still be friends?" (go. gators.)

And then long story short....

D: "I just started a wedding planning business..."
J: "My sister is a wedding photographer"

So, it took me all of 20 minutes to check out her site and decide that I dig her style. She is fresh and very "organic", simple and timeless...kinda how I'd like to be! So, I contacted her and 37 emails later, we decided to meet and have a wedding vendor date.

Date went well. I didn't bring her flowers, although I thought about it. I had butterflies and got goosebumps twice (once when she said the word "organic" the first time and again when she showed me her proofs album). What can I say? It was a date! :) haha
We went an hour and a half over schedule but it was worth it!

I am pleased to make a new friend in the wedding industry, one that is local and has an eye like mine, and did I mention that she's "ORGANIC"? :) She respects my green-ness and I respect her for that. sweet.

Anyway...looking forward to the many great things that could come from this "vendship" in the future. Here is some of Chelsey's photography:


Definately visit her site (link above) and "like" her on facebook.

After my vendship date with Chelsey, I went to visit my ex-wedding planner turned Jewelry-maker friend, Jen. She wanted to pass down all of her wedding related books and magazines and items to me. It was hard to say no. Im sure my husband will be thrilled. ha.

Now I have some pretty amazing books, and I am still in shock because it was too easy to acquire them. score.

I am off to explore the world of prop style-shooting. Can you tell what me and Chelsey talked about today? planning planning... :) or ploting....

Happy Planning!

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  1. What a great connection - you never know who you'll meet when you wake up in the morning! Love your blog. :)