Ruffled feathers...and flowers, and table runners, and vases, etc.

In the spirit of being green...I am obsessed with this new idea. Recycling/Reusing/Selling wedding items!!!! (duh, right?)

I have heard of pre-worn wedding gowns (for the brave) and definately have supported passing on items to friends or making things on your own and/or buying items for the wedding that can be used in your home after the big day...BUT...seriously...there are some wedding items that will NEVER be used again.


32" Martini Glass from the Bar

Scoops from your Candy Buffet

12 sharpie markers from your guest book (only 1 was used)

Galvanized buckets

80 Mason Jars from your signature cocktail


Wouldn't it be great if you could sell off these random items without hosting a huge garage sale?
(if you even have a garage...chances are you don't or you wouldn't care about getting rid of odd items)

Garage Sale Sign Reads: "New Bride Selling Post-Wedding Oddities. New Husband Thanks You." :)

Scene Two: Ruffled - Recycle Your Wedding
this ultra-trendy and earth friendly idea, allows you to regain the domain of your guest bedroom and/or gives your husband his valued "Man Cave" back. They will host your items on the site...get this...FOR FREE!! And better yet, future brides can find DIY items (already done) and other usable items at a fraction of the original price. It's like ETSY on steroids!!!

Note: Desiree Dawn Events does not condone the use or distribution of steriods. :)

I am really excited about using this site for selling some of my items (hoarding habits aside).

Let's be honest, I am PUMPED about buying some rockin' stuff, for cheap, and seeing it show up on my doorstep! woo!

Happy Eco-Friendly Hunting!

ps: Happy Birthday to my 4 year old pup, Gator!


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