Green Weddings on TV!

It is so good to know good people in high places.

Case in point: my dear friend, Emily Pantelides, interviewed me and did a wonderful piece on my business, focusing on "Green Weddings". I was able to bring up very basic ways that couples can incorporate eco-friendly items in their weddings. I was nervous, but Emily really made me look great! Click the link below to check out the spot!

Desiree Dawn Events - Green Wedding Design Television Debut!

I was even able to talk about my good friend Chelsey Boatwright. Not only does she use "rechargable batteries" (duh) but the companys that print her albums use sustainable and eco-friendly printing and shipping techniques.

Since the news peice showed, I recieved a lot of contacts from people who were interested in Green Weddings and other vendors who thought their business would be of interest to me! It's been great exposure  and I couldn't be luckier or happier to know Emily.

This past weekend I hosted a bridal shower and showcased several ways to incorporate "being green" including Emily's business, Good Girl Cookies! The guests certainly enjoyed them and funds were donated to the local animal shelter. I also served one of Celia's cakes (see my previous post Such a Good Day!) and bought all the flowers from our local green market.

Ahhh...Kermit D. Frog had it wrong...it is easy being green :)

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