Heather Claypool Photography - Kelly & Bryan

   As if you haven't seen enough from Kelly & Bryan's Earth Day Wedding in Key Largo...Heather Claypool just sent me some beautiful images that she captured. Much better than my amateur photos posted previously!

   I love how it feels like Heather is telling the story of this special day. The mother of the bride singing, "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine" - Kelly is the youngest of 4, and the only girl. The groom danced with his mother and paid homage to their home state with Ray Charles' "Georgia On My Mind". Let's not forget the amazing steel drum band that broughtback Bob Marley from the grave with "One Love" as the recessional song.

The bride and groom were oh-so-eco-friendly in many ways. The bride borrowed her veil from a sister-in-law and the groom bought a suit that he will certainly wear again. All of the flowers for the reception decor were purchased from a local GreenMarket vendor and the delicious Bahamian style delights were all local and fresh. I have great pride in this wedding and my warm feelings towards this couple run deep. See how great they are, for yourself:

Congratulations to the MR. & MRS. !!!

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  1. Lovely! I love that it looks like they strung lights behind the ceremony set-up? That must have been magical after dark!