A Lemony Inspiration Shoot

It was the week before summer officially started, but in South Florida, we're lucky enough to have summer weather 10 months out of the year. That said, Florida is the perfect destination wedding spot and you have the luxury of choosing just about any month of the year to recite those meaningful vows to your sweetheart.
Summertime not only means warmer (okay, hotter) weather and beach days, but it also means that fruits are juicier and drinks are colder. There is nothing I love more on a blistering hot day that a freezing cold glass of fresh and tangy lemonade.
I love how with just one sip you can instantly remember the nostalgia of childhood summers - tire swinging into the creek, building forts in the woods, bouncing on the trampoline for hours, and, of course, selling lemonade! There is nothing like it. Why not bring some of that same nostalgia to your guests at your wedding? You can include photos of your summertime adventures together or of yourselves as children selling lemonade in your front yard. What a treat!

Living in Florida gives us many fruitful blessings, literally. We grow some of the country’s best strawberries and blueberries in Plant City and we have countless groves and orchards all across the state. All of this local fresh assortment of fruit gives us the luxury of having some of the most delicious jams and jellies around. Georgia might have peach preserves and North Carolina may provide blackberry jam - but this I can assure you, no other state can come close to matching up with our strawberry jams and orange marmalades! We dare y'all to try! And nothing beats a warm biscuit to taste all that goodness on, mmm! I suggest making Paula's recipe and trying 3 jams at a time - or more! Serve these as a late night treat as your guests depart or as a post-wedding day breakfast item to bid farewell to your loved ones.

It was a great pleasure to work with Chelsey on this Lemony Inspiration Shoot - there's not many of us original Floridians around anymore.  Her creative eye captured all the colors, even the smells, of this shoot! The combination of lemon yellow and berry reds n’ blues truly cry out “Summer”! Don’t ya think?

So if you're planning on a South Florida wedding - whether you're a native or not - why not have 2 Florida Girls show you the ropes of this easy, breezy state and watch as your wedding day becomes an endless summer memory!

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  1. Hey.. these photos look familiar! Now I'm craving some fresh-squeezed lemonade! What a lovely shoot. Thanks for sharing!