DDE 2012 Goals & Objectives

I am in the business of weddings - planning, coordinating, designing, & greening to be exact. I am also a 20-something that is savvy enough to understand how social media can promote my business, on a personal level, for free! That said, please like me on facebook & follow me on twitter...oh and read my blog!

With that, I need to update my blog much more frequently...to keep you folks interested. Also, I want to become a member of TWIPS and part of their criteria is to blog, comment on others blogs, and tweet way more frequently than I have done in 2011. If I update my blog weekly, then it's easier for me to have something to tweet & post about.

So, here are my Goals:
  1. Create a blog post once per week
  2. Tweet once per week
  3. Post on facebook 2-4 times per week
  4. Become a member of TWIPS
  5. Plan some kick @$$ weddings!
And my Objectives:
  1. Have a rotating pattern for blog posts to follow
    • Real DDE Weddings
    • Green/Eco-Chic Discussion
    • DIY Project
    • Inspiration Board
    • Personal/Home Improvement
    • &/or Feature Blog Post (from another favorite site/vendor)
  2. My tweets will reflect the blog post of the week
  3. Facebook posts will reflect blog posts with polls, question of the day, giveaways, etc.
  4. Once July comes, I will apply for membership on TWIPS
  5. I will dedicate my time to my clients, listening to their desires, inputing where I can, and executing weddings that reflect my bad @$$-ness :)
I would like to encourage all of you to hold me accountable to these goals - they will improve my skills as a wedding planner which will improve the weddings for each of my clients. Thank you for all of your support in 2011. I could never make it in this crazy adventure without my loyal facebook fans, awesome couples, and incredibly supportive family & staff. You all make this dream a reality.

OH! And because I never posted this last week...I have to share it...I think it's just the cutest ode to New Year's Eve!!

Cheers to Twenty-Twelve!!!


  1. Best wishes to DDE in 2012! Love the NYE ode...oh and the top right photo of your post!

  2. thanks Kelly! :) that photo and some others are all over my promo items now! woowoo for destination weddings