Inspiration Boards 101

Most of you have heard of inspiration boards and perhaps even the awesome site called Pinterest {and invitation only mega site for "pinning" pictures you find on websites onto one easy to find site}. Inspiration boards are a great resource for couples who are trying to rally in all of their ideas for their wedding (or new home kitchen, meal plans, vacation itinerary, etc.). Sites like Brides & The Knot deliver trends to the masses and gorgeous blogs like Snippet and Ink & Southern Weddings share unique ideas with tips on how to make those images come to life.

In short: Inspiration Boards can place the whole feel & vibe of your dream wedding onto one convenient page that you can share with all your vendors. This is the reason that DDE couples receive a lovely inspiration board from yours truly.

Well then, what's so special about Desiree Dawn Events Inspiration Boards?
  1. Customized for you.
  2. Subjective & Objective matter that's within your budget.
  3. Seasonal & Local.
These are not generic boards that 100's of brides will be re-pinning and re-posting ~ they were made with a specific couple in mind, to project a specific emotion that is described by that couple. They are made for you.

In order to keep details hush-hush from my couples' guests, I've decided to only post boards from wedding dates gone past. And because I am so anxious to post some - I am doing so...right now! :)

Larissa + Eric
Rockledge & Indian Harbour Beach, FL

an excerpt from my follow-up email after our design meeting: So all that said, I feel like your likes and interests in daily life really associate well with your wedding ideas. You have an admiration for the tropics but also appreciate the sophistication of city life & enjoy the occasional preppy ski trip!!! perfectly combined in a Chic Florida Winter wedding: lots of whites, details of sparkle, and some very soft and understated pinks (very soft, Larissa!). I think it will really turn out lovely.

Black & White Gala Wedding
The Black & White Gala is something that I was inspired to do because of NYC - Sinatra, modern but classic, formal but not stuffy and definitely festive. The black and white flowers are called Anemones, aren't they just gorgeous? They bloom in the winter along with tulips. I would do lots of up lighting - see the soft amber/rosy colors on the walls? And the white tuxedo jacket - saw Eric wearing one on FB at some point and I thought, maybe he could wear black at the ceremony and have a 'party jacket' to change into? hey, if brides can have a reception dress, why can't grooms!?

Pink Champagne Fete

The Pink Champagne Fete was completely inspired by Larissa'a gown & the bridesmaid's gown - Eric, I wish I could show you! Light fabrics, soft pinks and pale golds - a little french, oui? Perhaps a little shabby chic, even! This would be a great selection, especially if the event is earlier in the day, with lots of sparkling wine, savory eats and sweet endings. I'd offer benches on the lawn for seating and create separate rooms with drapery to go along with the gala-feel. Floral decor could be simple; multiple varieties of single blooms in clear vases, staggered in height and countered by overly luscious bouquets.

 Burlap & Bling Soiree
The Burlap & Bling Soiree was a combination of your time in the islands and your lust for all that glitters is gold...understated, tropical, calming. I can definitely hear the calypso beats in the background. All of the white candles have bling accessories, even the simple chandelier was given some jewels! The light burlap adds some natural elements and the mercury glass ties in the gorgeous bridesmaid's gown. This is a great combo of how white, gold & silver can work together. Baby's breath is normally used as a filler flower, however, when it's bunched all together it creates a snow-like cloud - homage to your ski trips, engagement and nod to the winter season. Most of the lighting would be candlelight but we could add some string lights if need be, too. And I love the idea of using the poolside or lawn for outdoor seating.

I cannot wait to show you images from this wedding so you can see how we take these boards and make them come to life!

{several images humbly borrowed from Elizabeth Anne Designs, theknot.com, & renttherunway.com}

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