Valentine's Day 2012

Once again, the Palm Beach County Clerk & Comptroller's Office, pulled off an extraordinary event this February 14th. The "Sweetheart of a Deal" group wedding has officially become an annual event at the National Croquet Center and as such, the sequel was better than the first.

I must thank Sharon Bock's team for doing all of the behind the scene's work to pull this off and still calling me the "Day of Coordinator". Really y'all, I didn't do much!

Along with my crowd-pleaser candy bar, we served cake-pops by Savvylicious Sweets instead of cupcakes or cake. Dunkin Donut's wanted in on the free action, too, so they donated their yummy heart-shaped donuts...a first this Valentine's Day.

What pleased me the most was the upgrade in fashion. At last year's event, although everyone looked happy, there was a sense of "casualness" with the attire. Not so this year! There were wedding gowns in white and red, tuxes and day suits, and accessories! There were Vivian Westwood heels, an edgy motorcycle garter, retro suspenders, vintage grandmother's veils, hot pink ties, and lots and lots of lovely bouquets!

Congratulations to all the bride and grooms! I wish you all many years of love and married bliss!

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