April 2012

That month when you thought you had an open calendar that somehow got completely full!?!

What a blessing it is to be busy, right? That's what I had to keep telling myself during April...even if the month decided to play jokes...

For starters, a dear friend of mine had her first baby. Chelsey is an awesome wedding photographer and we had collaborated on a photo shoot which was featured...and missed by us...because we were focused on much more important things like this guy...

Emery Harvard Hayes

All jokes and babies aside, we really were featured for our Bohemian Food Truck Wedding on the incredible Wedding Chicks blog! I love this blog. It's one of my favorites, and I was so honored. Photo shoots are so fun but the satisfaction comes from seeing the comments and positive feedback that your work gets from all.over.the.globe. High Five to self!

Thanks to all the incredible vendors who helped make this photo shoot a great success!

Next on the April agenda (now that March is really over) - get the keys to my first studio space! Big things happen when you put yourself out there and meet women like Laura from Make Merry! It didn't take long for her to ask me to join her studio co-hort, and even less time for me to graciously accept. Oh, did I mention that we also share space with Jessica Lorren and Kat Braman? I know, I know...freakin' amazing, right!?!?! Our studio - "The Grove" - is big enough for client meetings and small enough to stay cozy. It's perfect.

So, it seems like a good plan to have a planner, a paper goods designer, and 2 photographers all conveniently located in one spot, right? No. It's not a good plan. It's a GENIOUS plan. It took less than 4 weeks for Kat, Laura & myself to have a wedding together. This is what happens when stars allign...behold, the wedding of

I can't wait to have prints from that wedding in my hand and on our studio walls!

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